disco snail

Art that makes us laugh


We are multi-media artists who make anything that catches our fancy, from furniture, to installation art, to films. Here are some of our projects.

Into the Mild

In the latest film from discosnail productions, legendary adventurer Dionna pushes herself to heights never before seen...

Coming: Summer 2020

Resist Tanz

A short film, March 2017
In an ever tumultuous world, these resistors dance their erratic, playful and furious dance. They are at war, they are fighting, they long to be free. They escape their confines, resist, and are dragged back into slavery. They move, they combat, they dance. They are spiky and strong. They are up against each other. Their conflict becomes a dance. Today is the time to resist, take action, and use the magnetic forces that exist to let yourself dance free in resistance. Resist Tanz.

Ridiculous Love

Love is often ridiculous. This participatory art project invites you to share your experiences of how ridiculous love is for you.

Who is disco snail?

disco snail is a mainly Germany based collaboration between:

Nicole Siggins

Artist, Maker

Nicole Siggins is a Germany based American artist who works across a variety of mediums. She is co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things, an international collective that conducts creative, participatory research that aims to temporarily transform public spaces and instigate dialogue about democracy, spatial justice and everyday life. Her video work has been shown at Studio Soto, The Brattle Theatre, Lumen Eclipse, The Boston Comedy Film Festival, the Woods Hole Film Festival, the 33rd Hamburg International Short Film Festival, and Muddum Art Space in Prague, Czech Republic.You can find more of her work at www.nicolesiggins.com

Adina Bogert-O'Brien

Artist, maker

Maker, voracious learner, community organizer, nerd, German resident, Canadian. Adina's earlier works were mainly rendered in laser-cut plastic ("Prosthetic Beard", "Field of Industrial Wind Turbines on Conference Room Desk") and rare unreleased podcasts made with her brother. She co-founded a makerspace in Hamilton, Canada, and now that she’s no longer spending all her time renovating said makerspace, is excited to be able to put more energy into making weird art. Adina enjoys making art that makes her laugh, and hopes it will make you laugh too.
You can find more of her work at discontinuity.ca 


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